Welcome to oasis noosa
 luxury floating eco villa experience for two adults



Paddle to the sandy shores and beaches, tie up the kayaks or anchor the row boat - both are included complimentary for the duration of your stay. Continue on foot to Noosa’s famous Hastings Street where you can indulge in world class restaurants and high street boutique fashion stores. Soak up the sun on Noosa Main Beach, and swim in the warm waters of the Coral Sea. Hire a surf board and catch a wave, recognised as one of only ten surf reserves the world...

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Environmentally sustainable design


Architecturally designed and engineered to the highest standards,  meticulously hand crafted with the environment in mind. Utilising marine grade sustainable and recyclable materials. State-of-the-art solar, water desalination, compositing and energy management systems ensures the natural eco system remains that way.

Large oversized thermal glazing retracts providing an immersive experience connecting you to the rich

aquatic life, pelicans, nature and amazing sunsets in a peaceful location. Perfectly balanced small yet spacious intimate abode for two, providing all the modern amenities of a home... continues below.