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About Us //

Located on the beautiful Noosa River the floating eco villa remains stationary for the duration of your stay. Perfectly balanced small yet spacious intimate abode for two, providing all the modern amenities of a home. Environment first! The Noosa biosphere is beaming with life, we want to showcase to visitors and locals alike how sustainable eco-design incorporating recycled or recyclable materials and new technologies can ensure it remains this way for generations to come. Shout out to plastic free noosa, and the dedicated members of local council who are commitment, and passionate about building awareness of the importance of sustainability in the region.
We have exclusive private jetties and moorings. The floating eco villa is currently moored in a peaceful location access is via a sandy track and then a short row in the stable row boat provided, adding to the adventure of this truly unique experience. Hastings street and the Noosa National Park are only a 10-15min walk away. You choose the pace it can be as relaxing or action packed as you desire but be prepared to get your feet wet.

We set out with a goal to create unique world class luxury floating eco villa that would provide an immersive experience. Designed and engineered to the highest standards, the architectural eco villa has been meticulously hand crafted with the environment in mind. Utilising marine grade sustainable recycled/recyclable materials. State of the art solar, water desalination, compositing and energy management systems.

How does the check in process work:

Check in is 3PM.

24 hours before your stay a map link is sent to your mobile phone with the precise location that we greet guests and provide a short but comprehensive overview and helpful information so you get the most from your stay.


Management are available on call 24 hours for the duration of your stay should you require.

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